Teach kids to respect school staff

Introducing kids to school staff is a good first-week-of-school activity.

Since everyone on staff is especially busy during this time, they probably won’t be able to visit classrooms.  You might want to take pictures and prepare a simple PowerPoint slide show.  (Or just print the pictures, if time or resources are limited.)

You might like to ask each staff person to tell you little bit about their job, how they serve students, and how students can help serve the school community.  Add a little personalization with hobbies or interests, if you’d like.

This way, your students understand that it’s personal when they mess up the lunchroom, ask to go to the nurse when they really don’t need to, or make extra demands on the school secretary.  The kids might come to understand that the principal is a real person with more to do than discipline naughty children.

Your students will feel inspired and empowered by the tips on how they can serve the community.

Start with the custodian/building manager and whoever will be your Special Person for the day.

After that, here are some suggestions for people to “meet”:

> Specials teachers (Music, PE, Art)
> Principal/Vice Principal/Dean
> Secretary/Attendance Clerk
> Nurse
> Social worker
> Recess monitors
> Psychologist
> Cafeteria manager
> A representative of Instructional Aides, and certainly the ones your class will work with
> Resource teacher (if he/she will be working with your class)

This is a lot of information.  Prioritize, then “meet” one or two people a day.  Your kids can’t remember much more than that.  You can review this little presentation after each school break for a quick brush-up.

Make a little quiz if you’d like!  (Sample question: who takes care of sick students and tests vision?)

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