A Sample First Day of School Letter Home

teacher2If possible, don’t wait until the back-to-school crunch to write your introductory letter.  Draft it now and keep the file until you determine if you need to add extra information.

Keep your letter short and informational.  Introduce yourself, state your credentials, and list a hobby or two.  (Don’t do this first or you will appear to be self-centered.)  Give a sense of what you will teach during the school year, listing interesting highlights.  Finish with important dates—not too many, just the back-to-school ones.

Give families a way to contact you.  (The letterhead is a good place for this.)  You can list your school email address and the school phone number with your classroom extension.  I recommend that you don’t give out your home number.

Find out if your school wants the letter translated into another language.  Give the translator ample time to complete the task.


If you are a first year teacher, DON’T TELL!  Keep this information to yourself.

If your school will pay postage, you can send a letter to families before school starts.  You will want to set up a Mail Merge on Word.  If sending home a before-school letter is not required, save your energy.  It’s much easier to have the letters on desks for Open House, or just hand them out on the first day of school.

Here is a sample letter to a student.  You can address your letter to the student or the parents.  I prefer to address it to the students and encourage them to show it to their parents.

Date of Open House or First Day of School

Dear Sally Student,

Nice to meet you!  I am Miss Green, your third grade teacher.  I look forward to working with you this year.  We will have a great time in third grade!  We will learn new things: cursive handwriting, multiplication, and much more.

Open House is Wednesday, August x from 6:30-7:00.  Your parents can visit the classroom and learn about the third grade in detail: curriculum, class organization, and major projects.

A little about me: I have taught at Acme Elementary for xxx years.  I have a Master’s degree in Elementary Education.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher.  My hobbies include reading, writing, and playing the piano.

I look forward to working with you and your parents this year.  Together, we will make a terrific team.

Corey Green

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