Lectures Can Be Good!

I would like to put in a few good words for the good old lecture.

If you’re like me, many of your professors and professional-development instructors began class by saying they wouldn’t lecture you.  I often wished they would give a lecture.  A lecture can be well-organized, informative, fun—and a highly efficient way of delivering information.

In your classroom, break out a lecture once in a while!

Not convinced?  Remind yourself that “lecture” does not mean “boring.”  Erase memories of parental lectures when you stayed out past curfew.   Think of a lecture as a teaching show.

Some of my best memories of second grade are Story Time after lunch.  Mrs. Brenn would pull down the classroom map and tell us fascinating stories about cool characters.  My favorite was George Washington.  Yes, years later I realized that we had a half-hour history lecture after lunch each day.  We loved it!

My students enjoy (entertaining and developmentally appropriate) lectures.  Elementary school students are hungry for knowledge, and today’s skills-based curriculum doesn’t always address that need.  Kids today practice things like reading comprehension skills or the scientific method, but don’t learn in a straightforward, traditional way.  Students love introductory lectures that give them background information so they can get more out of skills-based classroom activities.

By all means, involve your students in cooperative learning—but don’t be afraid to lecture now and then.

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