Benefits of being a substitute teacher

Being a substitute teacher is fun.  Really.

It’s not like the children’s book Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub.  Elementary kids, at least, are not out to get you.  Most elementary students love all of their teachers.

Children’s book writers can benefit from substitute teaching.  There is no better way to learn about today’s kids.  You will learn a lot about kids and how schools are run today.  You can get a feel for the rhythm of the school day.  You observe typical behavior for each grade and watch  social interactions.  You will get a good sense of how children really read—the books they choose, and the proficiency with which they read them.

Parents can benefit from substitute teaching.  If you have a college degree, you can get a sub license and work in your child’s district.  Your child’s school will be glad to have a parent they can call for last-minute jobs, such as when the scheduled sub doesn’t show up.  Working as a substitute teacher will give you insight into your child’s school day.

Use the summer to get your substitute teacher license.

1.  Visit your state’s Department of Education home page and read the requirements.
2.  Apply for a fingerprint clearance card.  You can get fingerprinted at the police station, and you probably have to pay a fee.
3.  Apply to the state for a license.  This also requires a fee.
4.  You still need to apply to the school district.  If you want to work only occasionally, put yourself on the do-not-call list, but give your resume and cover letter to a few schools.

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