Consult special area teachers about individual students

This is part of a series of posts about special area teachers, whose subjects include music, art and physical education.

Teachers, do you have concerns about a particular student?  Suspect a learning disability, ADHD, a social skills or behavior problem?  Don’t forget an important resource: special area teachers, especially those who have been at your elementary school for several years.

– Specials teachers can tell you if what you’re noticing is new or part of a long-established pattern of school behavior for a particular student.

– Special area teachers can help you understand the child better.  For example, if you’re seeing behavior problems in class, but the child behaves well in specials, perhaps academic issues are influencing the behavior.

Say your student has difficulty following directions.  Is it academic?  Attention problems?  Difficulty with less-structured activities?  The special area teacher can share what she sees in her class, and you might get a clearer picture.

Special area teachers can help you make a stronger presentation to gatekeepers for testing and referrals for your students.  Information from you, the parents, and other teachers who work with the child can help the child obtain needed services.

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