The 5 BEST Leap Year Worksheets online–all FREE!

boyleapingClassAntics has the best Leap Year worksheets online.  They were hugely popular in 2012 and have been a hit in 2016.  ClassAntics Leap Year worksheets teach reading comprehension, math, and writing.  Here are all the Leap Year worksheets in one place.  Enjoy!

Start with a reading comprehension worksheet about Leap Year.  It’s a good, basic introduction to the concept of Leap Year that is appropriate for third grade and up.

Students like the writing worksheet about how and why Julius Caesar created Leap Year and rearranged the calendar. This worksheet challenges students to write a newspaper article about the event. The article gives “notes” our fictitious reporter took at the press conference—in a handy who, what, where, when, why format.

Here is an fun reading comprehension worksheet called “Fun with Leap Year and Leap Day.” The passage and questions are indeed fun. What other worksheet challenges you to figure out what Pope Paul III and Ja Rule have in common? (Answer: they were both born on Leap Day.)

Next is my fun “Was it a Leap Year?” math worksheet that lets students apply their knowledge of divisibility by 4. Hints for determining divisibility by 4 are at the bottom of the page. The worksheet teaches a special case: century years. Because a revolution around the sun does not quite take 365.25 days, only century years divisible by 400 are Leap Years. The worksheet gives a student-friendly explanation and challenges them to determine if a century year was or wasn’t a Leap Year.  I also have provided an Answer Key as a separate download.

My Leap Year Idioms worksheet helps you teach students about idioms—a commonly assessed concept on state standardized tests. Have some Leap Year fun with idioms based on the word “leap” or “year.”   Here is the Answer Key as a separate download.

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