Celebrate Earth Day: April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth DaySaving the Earth with Scratch Paper

I’ve had a scratch paper pile for years, but this year my class took it to a new level.  We are saving the environment and pinching pennies.  (Our definition of scratch paper: a letter-sized piece of copy paper with writing on one side only.)

I used to have a three-inch letter tray for scratch paper.  Now I have a 10 inch tall box, and it’s always full.  We are constantly adding to it, pulling stacks to copy worksheets on, and using scratch paper for almost everything.

Many of the worksheets I assign are good practice, but they don’t need to be kept and cherished forever.  Not all of them even need to go home.  Once we review the worksheets, they can become scratch paper used for:
– Spelling tests
– Quick quizzes based on problems written on the board
– Writing sentences: “We will maintain phone silence during all phone calls.”

Scratch paper goes through the copy machine just fine.  (I usually put it in the bypass tray.)   I have been giving a lot of math timed tests (especially the Spaceship Math series from Dad’s Worksheets) printed on scratch paper.  It has saved soooo much paper!

Earth Day is about respecting our planet and acting responsibly.  It’s a day to focus on what we, personally, can do to keep our planet healthy.  Challenging your students to decide how they will celebrate Earth Day conveys this message of empowerment.

Often, the best ideas come from the kids.  Before Earth Day, pose some questions to your class:
–  How should our class mark Earth Day?
– What can we do to make our classroom more environmentally friendly?  Are there any new systems we can develop?
– What can our class do to help our school environment?
– How can we encourage others to respect the planet?
– What can we do at home to reduce our impact on the environment?
– How can we share what we learned about Earth Day with our families?

Happy Earth Day!

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