How to make State Achievement Test week AWESOME

Many states require that all educational posters in the classroom be removed or covered during testing week.  Removing all the posters makes for a bare, depressing room.  If you use dark paper to cover your educational posters, you will be amazed at how much light is sucked from the room.

Instead, make AWESOME posters to cover your educational posters and charts!

Have students use construction paper or butcher paper to create inspirational signs.  They might say “Rock the Test” or “Go, Us!”  After school, hang the posters up.  This way, kids are excited for testing day because they get to see how AWESOME the room looks!  During the test, students will remember the fun they had creating the signs and feel a little better.

I like to use pink paper because the color pink is calming.  Explain to your students that they can look at the pink if they feel test anxiety.  Pink has the added bonus of reflecting the light and casting a warm glow over the room.

Make testing week even more AWESOME by creating a theme.  I like Rocky Balboa.  My kids make posters that say “Go the distance” and “Eye of the Tiger.”  On test day, we get revved up with Eye Of The Tiger and dance a little.  Then we  calm down with Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky).  The theme songs stick in kids’ heads, giving them a comforting thought during the test.

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