National Poetry Month: Poetry Workbooks

PoetryworkbookI highly recommend the Evan-Moor series of Read and Understand Poetry workbooks.  Each poem is illustrated and ready-to-copy.  Worksheets for each poem include both multiple choice for test prep and a variable style that encourages analysis of the poem and its figurative language.

If you are feeling unsure of your ability to teach poetry, the teacher’s guide before every poem will help you lay the foundation and teach the figurative language.  A glossary of figurative language terms is helpful for both teacher and student.

The books use well-known poems kids will enjoy.   Poets include Robert Louis Stevenson, Shakespeare, ee cummings, Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg.  You can build a strong foundation for your students’ English education.  They will thank you when they know so much about these poems in high school classes!

Amazon lets you search inside the book, viewing the Table of Contents, the covers, and a sample page.  I think you’ll see how valuable these books are for the classroom:

Read and Understand Poetry, Grades 2-3
Read and Understand Poetry, Grades 3-4
Read & Understand Poetry, Grades 4-5
Read and Understand Poetry, Grades 5-6+

 A practical teaching tip:  you might want to buy more than one level of these workbooks.  Start the year with poems below grade level.  By the end of the year, students may well be working above grade level.

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