Halloween Math Worksheets

Halloween might be fun, but it’s still a school day.  Math is still important.  However, there’s no reason you can’t have Jack-o’-Lanterns, ghosts, ravens and black cats on your worksheets.  Here are some of my favorite FREE Halloween math worksheets.

Math-drills.com has a huge Halloween math section.  You can choose any activity that fits your currcilum.  Some examplres are counting, patterns, basic facts, and geometry.  Each worksheet has multiple versions.  Distribute a variety and get a Halloween math party going!  (Just an idea.)

Classroom Jr. has Halloween worksheets for every skill level.  Your students might enjoy the Halloween Sudoku . You can also find printables for puzzles, Mad Libs, story starters, and more.

Click here for five spooky graphing worksheets from math-aids.com.  It’s a high-quality site that I strongly recommend for supplementing your math lessons.

Another great source, math-drills.com, has many Halloween graphing worksheets.  Jack-o’-LanternBatWitch HatCatOwlSpiderCandyGhost

TeacherVision.com has excellent math resources.  You can try a few for free.  After that, it pushes you to join.  You can try a 7-day membership.

Wilma Witch’s Party is an excellent word problem worksheet from teachervision.com.  Help Wilma Witch solve problems related to her party.  Examples include converting a recipe to serve 25 rather than 10 and using ratios to determine how many witches will wear each mask.

The Tiny Things Scavenger Hunt challenges students to measure small things in both standard and metric units.  The winner is the student who correctly measures the smallest things.

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A good way to organize a Halloween Party: learn how to create a party for your whole grade level by setting up a rotation.  Each teacher need only prepare one activity.

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Write spooky Halloween stories using a sensory word bank

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