Calm your students with soothing water sounds

WaterscapesThe sound of moving water is incredibly soothing and very effective at calming students.  Here are five easy ways to bring the sound of water into your classroom.

Buy a fountain.  When you’re trying to create a falling-water sound, nothing beats the real thing.  Fountains at every price point help you make it happen.  Under $25 fountain, under $50 fountain, fancy fountain.

Buy a CD.  I like the nature music/sounds of Dan Gibson.  My favorite water sounds CD is Waterscapes.  It has all kinds of water—rain, waterfall, bubbling brook, ocean waves.  You can play the CD through a few times, then put it on random to mix things up.

Use Pandora and other Internet radio channels.  Tell Pandora to play Dan Gibson music, ocean waves music, or other similar sounds.  The Spa channel is good for water sounds, too.  It’s best if you can spring for a subscription so that Pandora doesn’t play ads.  Another good option: work for a district that blocks the ads, giving you the no-commercial sound for free.

Buy a machine that generates a water sound.  You can bring nature sounds of all kinds into your classroom with a machine favored by spas.  Or, go for the budget option and buy (or repurpose) a Lullaby Sound Machine meant to soothe babies to sleep.  The machine will soothe grade-school kids, too!  Just don’t play the lullabies.

Play Internet videos.  A quick search for water sounds for studying yields many hours-long videos that play water sounds.  If your school’s system will allow, stream away.

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