A Fun Way to Practice Math Combination Problems

mathblocksHere is a fun activity that lets your students practice combination problems and learn a little about each other.

Every year, students have to master combination problems for the state test.  The technique for solving these problems is simple, but the kids never seem to remember it.  Hence the yearly review.

Sample problem: Josie has 2 flavors of ice cream and 3 types of toppings.  How many different combinations can she make?

Answer: 6.  You multiply option 1 times option 2.

That’s it.

I review these problems by making up a word problem for each student in the class. The problem’s theme is based on the child’s interest.


Katie has three pairs of soccer shorts and four soccer tee-shirts.  How many combinations can she make?

Matt has three different bats and five different baseballs.  How many combinations can he make?

Doing this for a class only takes a few minutes.  Each sample problem takes thirty seconds or less.  By the end, the students know how to do this type of problem.

For now.

… this time next year, they’ll be reviewing it again!

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