Teachers will love the Align stapler from Quirky.com

Align StaplerTeachers get excited about things like staplers.  The new Align stapler from Quirky.com is worth getting worked up about!  The stapler has a detachable base, so it isn’t limited by its length.  The Align stapler can go where other staplers can’t.

You can use the Align stapler to staple students’ books.  Use it to repair simple classroom paperback picture books, the kind you buy cheaply through Scholastic Reading Clubs.

Align is great on bulletin boards, big pieces of paper, and hard-to-reach surfaces.  It has a magnetic base, so you can keep it right on the whiteboard.

Click here to buy Align for $9.99 at Quirky.com.  See below for the video about this versatile product.

If you’re going to buy a cool stapler, pick up a great staple remover.  I like the Swingline Ultimate Staple Remover because it easily takes staples off bulletin boards.


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Posted in Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ Mar 6, 2014


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