The Dumb Bunnies Easter

The Dumb Bunnies Easterby Dav Pilkey
AR Reading Level 3.1; 0.5 points
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Summary: The Dumb Bunnies are Papa, Mama, and Baby.  They prepare for Easter—but it’s really a mashup of holidays.  My favorite is when the Easter Bunny comes in a minivan—pulled by eight flying Pilgrims.  Then he drops Easter eggs down the chimney with a “Ho, ho, ho!  Look out below!”  This book is very short, but jam-packed with jokes.  The illustrations complement the text’s jokes—and add plenty of their own.

Activities:  Don’t look too hard for intellectual things you can read into the book—it’s pure fun.  You can’t predict the story.  You can laugh so hard you collapse into giggles.  You can let kids read it repeatedly, practicing their fluency and looking for more jokes.  You can let analytical kids count the jokes, then calculate a joke-to-page ratio, or a joke-to-word ratio.  I suspect Dav probably listed joke ideas, then wrote the book.  I can’t think of any other way to pack the jokes so densely!

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