Learning Wrap Ups – great for basic math facts!

Learning Wrap UpsIf you haven’t seen Learning Wrap Ups, check them out!  I discovered this resource when I was a substitute teacher — these learning tools became essential items in my sub bag.  In my classroom, they’re supremely popular learning activities.

  • Learning Wrap Ups  look like a set of keys with a string attached.  Kids use the string to connect problem with answer.  An answer key on the back tells the child whether she did the math correctly.
  • Learning Wrap Ups are self-checking: students look at the back to see if they did the math correctly.
  • A terrific benefit is that kids can practice just the 10s or just the 9s.  This makes for better (and quieter) practice than flash cards, which mix up all the facts.
  • Learning Wrap Ups work like Input-Output machines on standardized tests: a key will simply say “+1”.  The child knows that if 4 goes into the “machine” shown on the standardized test, 5 should come out.
  • The products are well-made and have stood up to years in the classroom.
  • Learning Wrap Ups are priced low enough so families can buy them for home practice.  Some of my students are lucky enough to have a home set.

You can buy Learning Wrap Ups one at a time or as part of a set.  If you can get only two, buy addition and multiplication.  It’s easier for kids to learn these operations because “adding on” is easier than “taking away.”  Once kids know addition and multiplication facts, they  pick up subtraction and division much faster.

Addition Wrap Ups
Subtraction Wrap Ups
Multiplication Wrap Ups
Division Wrap Ups
Fraction Wrap-Ups

More subjects are available: STATES AND CAPITALS WRAP-UP.  There is a VOCABULARY INTRO KIT too — for Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms and Compound Words.

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