The Best Educational Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Educational apps are a parent’s best friend.  Load a few onto your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to entertain/educate your child on a moment’s notice.

Every year at conference time, plenty of parents entertain their young ones by whipping out a smartphone.  Kids happily play games on those things, and if educational games are the only option, you can bet they’ll get plenty of use.

Click here for a curated list of the best educational apps.  The list comes to you from Verizon, but I heard about it from graduate student Rachel Hodges, whose master’s project involves spreading the word about educational apps and tracking her impact.

Verizon has gathered free apps and, through the site, offers discounts on many other apps.

Some of my favorite free apps from Verizon’s list:

For Apple For Android
Hopscotch: coding for kids Comic & Meme Creator: tell a story with comics
Pocket Law Firm: learn the Bill of Rights BrainPOP Jr. movie of the week
Kids Planet Discovery: geography, nature, culture Skymap: GPS enabled roadmap for the night sky
News-O-Matic, Daily Reading for Kids World Citizen geography quiz
Ocean Science: explore our oceans World History for Kids: interactive timeline
Shadow Move: a spatial reasoning game Common Core Mastery: Common Core Math
Geometry+++: challenging tangram puzzles BioIQ: mathcing game teaching the parts of a cell


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