Teach About the Children of WWII Using Resources from the BBC

ww2_children_evac_kentish_townThe BBC Primary History Children of WWII feature is an excellent educational resource to share with your class.  Use the site to bring the sweeping subject of WWII to a human level—a child-sized level. 

This site coordinates well with WWII history lessons as well as literature studies of books such as Number the Stars or the Molly books  books in the American Girl collection.  Explain to students that this site shows what Emily experienced before she came to live with Molly in the States.

The Children of WWII site features information, an interactive timeline, and a fun game called Dig it Up!

Your students will like the information. Use is as a review, a preview, or as part of an Internet activity:

Your students will enjoy the game Time Capsules WW2.  In the game, students must figure out which person buried which time capsule.  Students use their problem solving skills and knowledge of history to solve the puzzle.  They also have to practice important skills like reading a timeline.

Your students will enjoy the British accents of the narrator and characters.  The acting is good for a video game—it’s easy to empathize with the characters who buried the time capsules.

The teacher’s resource area is extensive.  There are free worksheets and lesson plans, an online quiz, pictures, and videos.  The site links you to other Internet resources to teach Ancient Roman history.

Photo courtesy of the BBC teacher’s resource page.

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