Teach Ancient Greek History Using Fun Resources from the BBC

g_map_city_statesThe BBC Primary History Ancient Greece feature is one of my class’s favorite computer lab activities.  Share this educational resource with your class!

The Ancient Greece site features information, an interactive timeline, and a fun Greek Hero game.

Your students will like the information. Use is as a review, a preview, or as part of an Internet activity:

The Greek Hero game will keep your students amused for hours.  Seriously, you could play this three or four times, during your weekly visits to computer lab as your class studies Ancient Greece.  The game challenges readers to an adventure spanning three important cities: Athens, Spart and Olympia.  Students will have to use their problem solving skills in addition to their videogaming skills.

The Teacher’s Resources are excellent.  The BBC has given you free worksheets, activities, pictures, and links for further study.  (Map courtesy of the teacher’s resource area.)


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