The Qualities of a Good Teacher

ClassAntics recently gave a mini-interview to James Petzke of EducationInitiation.  James’s post, The Qualities of a Good Teacher, really gets to the heart of what the teaching profession is all about.

James wrote about patience, flexibility, organization, passion, constant improvement, and selflessness.  Bloggers  he interviewed stressed the importance of really getting to know the students—everything about them.

I wrote that that a good teacher must truly love the students.  This love affects every aspect of the classroom and the class’s experience during the school year—and beyond.  Students behave differently when they know their teacher truly cares about them—really loves them.  The students feel safer and more willing to take risks.  The students feel more connected to their teacher and their classmates.  The classroom community is healthy and strong.

James comes from a family of teachers and truly values the profession.  James is a recent high school graduate and mega-honors student: he is an AP Scholar, National Merit Scholar Commended.  He has won national awards for his public speaking, website design and PC servicing and troubleshooting.

James is a youth motivational speaker.  If you are near his home base of Idaho, visit his site and see if James would be a good fit for your school’s needs.

I have no affiliation with James; I never met him before he invited me to do a mini-interview for his EducationInitiation site.  I was impressed by James and thought ClassAntics readers would like to know about him.

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Posted in Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ Aug 16, 2013


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