Alarm Clocks Make Classroom Life Better

Alarm ClockI try to pack as much learning as possible into every day.  Sometimes I schedule too much, and we are left scrambling to get ready for lunch and dismissal.

The easy fix?  Alarm clocks!

I keep two inexpensive digital alarm clocks* in the classroom.  One is set for five minutes before lunch.  The other is set for ten minutes prior to dismissal.

Two students are in charge of alarm clocks for the whole year.  Those students set the alarm clocks each day and turn them off after the buzz.

Our school day runs much more smoothly as a result.  We keep the classroom neater, because we’re not always running late.  We work more efficiently, because kids don’t feel the need to watch the clock.

I know, this is just one more thing for teachers to buy for their classrooms.  Consider asking a parent to donate an alarm clock.  Othwerwise, check the Dollar Store.

*Digital, because reading an old-fashioned clock often is not in a kid’s skill set these days!  I have an old-fashioned clock in my classroom and I teach this skill, but the digital alarms make life easier for the kids in charge of classroom alarms.

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