Let Fly Lady Help You Organize Your Classroom, Home and Life!

flyladyI learned about Fly Lady from Dear Abby.  Fly Lady is Marla Cilley, a clever woman who helps you learn to organize and manage so you can be FLY.  (Finally Loving Yourself.)  With Fly Lady’s tips, you’ll be Finally Loving Your Classroom because it will be like you, calm and collected.

FlyLady.net is extensive, so I recommend you begin with the Get Started section.  From there, she’ll teach you how to rein in the CHAOS.  (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.)

I was struck by how well Fly Lady’s tips translate to the classroom.  I’ll give just a few examples—I don’t want to ruin the fun of reading Fly Lady’s site.  (Really, it’s both instructive and entertaining.  Fly Lady’s writing has voice!)

Polishing your sink: for Fly Lady, the first step to organizing your life is to polish your kitchen sink, then keep it that way.  When your kitchen sink is in good shape, your whole kitchen works better.

I think the classroom equivalent is keeping your teaching surface clear and uncluttered.  Do you teach from a podium, small table, or your desk?  Organize that surface and spend time each morning and afternoon keeping it clear.  Your whole classroom will function better.  You’ll feel better.

Getting Dressed to Shoes: Fly Lady explains that you look and feel differently when you are completely dressed with shoes on your feet.  You are ready for anything.  Fly Lady learned this tip when she worked for a direct sales cosmetics company.  They required that you not make any sales calls, even from your phone, without being up and dressed for the day, down to shoes.

Show up for school each day dressed to shoes, dressed to the nines if possible.  You will feel professional, in control, maybe even fierce.  Please check out my fashion tips for teachers.  I had a great time writing them and really hope they speak to you.

Declutter 15 Minutes a Day: It’s obvious why this tip helps everyone, homemakers and teachers alike.  Clutter is the enemy of clear and unstressed thinking.

At home, it takes 15 minutes a day to declutter.  At school, a class can accomplish the same thing in 2-5 minutes a day.  You can teach your students about man hours, and why a whole class spending two minutes decluttering is the equivalent of one person spending an hour.  Your students will enjoy having a clean, uncluttered classroom and will be glad to help keep it that way.

Visit Declutter 15 minutes a Day on FlyLady for decluttering games that make the process fun.  You and your students might enjoy inventing variations on the themes for the classroom.

Take Regular Breaks: this tip is another one that translates very well to the classroom. It’s important for teachers and students to take regular breaks.  Step away from grading and chat with a colleague.  Give the class a two minute dance break.  Spend lunchtime actually eating lunch.  Little breaks help you and your students stay fresh.

I hope this sneak peek piqued your interest in FlyLady.net.  I hope you and your teacher friends enjoy the site!

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