What it’s like to be an elementary school teacher – Part 13

A National Board Certified Teacher explains what an educator’s life is really like. The series is a value-added collection of Best ClassAntics Posts EVER! Each post explains something about a teacher’s life and links to ClassAntics posts with relevant teaching tips.

Part 13: We prepare kids for standardized tests

Standardized tests are a fact of life in today’s classrooms.  Teachers spend a great deal of time preparing students for the test—and the testing environment.

I wrote a post on How kids take standardized tests.  It gives you a picture of what happens when students face a standardized test for the first time.   In that artificial environment, things get real very quickly.  The post gives you the details on what to expect, from covering the learning posters to dealing with nervous puke.

Most states have a reading, math, and writing portion of the test.  Reading and math are multiple choice.  The writing portion involves crafting a formulaic five-paragraph essay designed to appeal to a persnickety reader. My post on Dos and Don’ts for the State Writing Test can help students, parents and teachers.

My award-winning Best Multiplication Workbook EVER! devotes plenty of space to standardized testing.  The tips are explained in the following blog posts.  The workbook has pages for students to practice each tip in isolation, then apply all the techniques to sample tests.

How to Ace Standardized Tests

How to Ace Standardized Tests: What Must Be in the Ones Place?

How to Ace Standardized Tests: Use the Given/Find Method

How to Ace Standardized Tests: Analysis of Given/Find Method

How to Ace standardized tests: Cross off the Wrong Answers

 I wrote a blog entry on the National Center for Educational Statistics.  The data on the site comes from the National Assessment of Educational Progress.  Interestingly enough, the data from test results is very helpful in teaching test-taking skills.  Kids can practice reading graphs, charts and text to glean information.

After all the hard work to prepare, it helps to cut loose and focus on How to make State Achievement Test week AWESOMEIt involves student-generated posters, theme songs, enthusiasm and FUN!  The tips in this post help students relax and feel supported so they can use the test as a platform to show what they know.

Good luck on the test!

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