The Perks of Preschool

As an elementary school teacher, I see firsthand that preschool attendance is a predictor of academic success.   This info-graphic from explains the importance of preschool to success in school…and in life.  Teachers, parents and education majors will be especially interested.

We remember preschool as a place to play, eat graham crackers, and sing songs.  It’s so much more than that.  Students learn social skills, motor skills and academic skills as they do games, crafts and activities.  These fundamentals affect school performance immediately.  Any kindergarten teacher will tell you that the child who enters school not knowing how to use scissors tends to struggle in academic lessons.

Very special thanks to Allison Morris, who helped create the graphic and suggested that ClassAntics readers might like it.   Click here to see the info-graphic on

Preschool Infographic

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