Money Math Games: Kid-tested Favorites from Mrs. Sullivan’s After School Group

This tip comes from ClassAntics readers.  Mrs. Sullivan and her after-school group emailed me saying that ClassAntics posts helped them during their unit on counting money and good saving habits.  The group found an excellent website that provides access to many Money Math resources.

The website is called Wise Stock Buyer: Grow Your Nest Egg.  Much of the site is dedicated to investing tips, but a special section covers Math and Money.  The resources it links to are very helpful.

Click here for the complete list.  Below are some of my favorites:

Dollar Dive: An arcade game where you try to load up your ship with the required amount of money before the Sea Monster gets the ship.  From US, so you know it’s safe and allowed in most districts.

Do You Have Enough Money?  A simple game that asks if you have enough money to buy a certain item.   This site is good because kids need experience dealing with pictures of money, not just money.  It’s not always so easy to tell the coins apart.

Pocket Change: A Moment of Edutainment: This is a really good but simple game that challenges you to make a certain amount of money with a certain amount of coins.  You see this prompt on standardized tests.  The pictures of money are really clear and easy to understand.  Kids will have to get used to the Kennedy half dollar.

Counting Money: This demonstration from Harcourt School Publishers asks students to count money from pictures of coins and type the amount.  This is a good choice for computer lab time or for a whole-class demonstration using a projector.

The One Dollar Store: Drag coins to the box so you can pay for items at the dollar store.   The site has a kid-friendly look to it.

Cash Out: You run a cash register at a store.  Your task is to give change.  Different levels let you choose whether the game gives you hints, or whether you have to figure the amount of change from the purchase price.  If you take hints, the game is basically a test of whether you can gather the right coins.   If you don’t take hints, the game lets you practice the counting up method of making change.

Money Flash Cards: A simple game that has you figure out how much money is there.  This game uses paper money as well as coins.

Thank you again to Mrs. Sullivan and her after school group.  Your tips will help many kids and teachers!

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