FREE Worksheet Series: Learn How to Draw a Star

A National Board Certified Teacher shows that you can use scaffolding to make anything easier to learn—even drawing a five-point star. FREE printable worksheet series teaches kids how to draw a star.

Learning how to draw a star becomes an obsession for many students. Channel that energy with these FREE worksheets that help kids break it down. Who knows—if the kids learn how to draw a star quickly and efficiently, maybe they’ll get back to their seatwork! Click here for the FREE printable 4-page lesson on how to draw a star.

While the kids are drawing stars, why not teach them a little about astronomy?

Fun Facts About Stars/Fill in the Blank About Stars: These worksheets from are fun for students. They will enjoy learning interesting facts about stars. Note there are two answer pages.

Kids Astronomy: This site features fun lessons about astronomy, along with worksheets and free online astronomy games.

NASA’s StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers: This site features NASA’s lessons about astronomy. The Teacher’s Center features lesson plans and worksheets.

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