Celebrate the World Series—Online Resources to Incorporate Baseball in the Classroom

The World Series starts on October 24, 2012. Get into the spirit of the World Series by teaching baseball in the classroom. These Internet resources will help you incorporate baseball into any subject.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum has put together a wonderful collection of resources for baseball curriculum. You will find PDF’s of high-quality lesson plans and materials. Many are intended to enhance a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but they are useful even if your field trip budget won’t allow for such an extravagance.

The topics are varied and interesting. Here are just a few examples:

Economics: The Business of Baseball

Physical Science: Science on the Sandlot

Innovation: Tools of the Trade

Women’s History: Dirt on Their Skirts

Labor History: Hardballs and Handshakes

Popular Culture: Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Cultural Diversity: Diversity in the Dugout

A good example is the elementary lesson Geometry: Circling the Bases. When you click on the lesson one PDF, at first it looks like the type of lesson plans he had to write for College: way too much detail, many more supplies than you actually used to teach a simple concept, and the long list of standards. However, if you go to pages 7 and 8, you will find cool worksheets with photographs of actual baseball players batting stances for students to measure the angles. When viewing the PDF, go to a 20% or so view you can quickly look through the pages and find what you want to print.

TeachersFirst’s Baseball Resources: this site is a directory to high-quality sites that will help you incorporate baseball into your lessons. You will find everything from baseball math to baseball history. The sites and topics are organized by grade level so you can quickly find what will help your students.

Spend computer lab time on these fun baseball math games.

Funbrain math baseball: Answer the question correctly and the type of hit you get will be based on level of difficulty of the problem.

Batter’s Up Baseball: same idea; different game

AOL games Grand Slam Derby: for the last few minutes of computer lab after the kids put in their time on baseball math facts practice. Students can play baseball or softball.

Teach simple baseball math in the classroom with this simple and helpful website that clearly explains how to articulate baseball statistics. In addition to the usual baseball card statistics found in many baseball math lessons, their other card collations your students can make, such as how to figure games back for standings. Students will appreciate this because they can apply it to other sports besides baseball.

Corey Green Connection: My third Buckley School Book, Double Switched, has a strong baseball theme. Connor knows he is destined to be a major leaguer—if he can make it through sixth grade. The book is available in print and as a Kindle book. At DoubleSwitched.com, students can study Connor’s pitching tips, learn baseball superstitions, and try their hand at the You are the Umpire quiz.

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