Kids and Kindles Part 5: Brand-new Kindles

Amazon has released new Kindles: better technology, better prices. A National Board Certified Teacher offers tips for using Kindle in the classroom.

Of course, everyone is excited about the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G, and I’m sure it will be very fun. But there is a lot you can do with a basic Kindle in the classroom. (Or fancier ones, if your budget allows.) Even the cheapest Kindles now support children’s picture books, so Kindles have more uses in primary classrooms.

To celebrate the new Kindles, here are my blog posts about how to use them in the classroom.

Kids and Kindles Part 1: Kindle reads to kids
Help kids build fluency and comprehension skills by letting the Kindle model fluent reading. Many Kindle users say this feature has helped their kids who have learning disabilities.

Kids and Kindles Part 2: Kindle teaches speed reading
Using a Kindle helps kids train their eyes to move faster, and their brain to keep pace, so they can speed read. My blog entry explains how to teach this skill.

Kids and Kindles Part 3: the No-Budget Kindle
Learn how to use the free Kindle e-reader to give your students some of the benefits of Kindle.

Kids and Kindles Part 4: Building a Classroom Kindle Library
Five tips for building a classroom Kindle library on a budget.

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