School Picture Day Tips for Teachers

Smile, it’s school picture day! Fun for kids, stressful for teachers. These tips will help you grin and bear it.

1) Sign up for picture time the instant the schedule is posted. Someone from your grade level should get up there, pronto! Sign up your whole team. Try to snag a time in the morning—before PE, recess, and lunch.

2) Keep a spare shirt on hand. One year, I bought a navy blue tee shirt at Wal-Mart because it was $3 and we were approaching picture day. Kids rocked that shirt for years! Navy blue looks good on everybody. Another good choice is red. (One year, the shirt looked so good on a student that I let him keep it. Interestingly enough, the parents never questioned this! Not to me, anyway.)

3) Pictures after lunch? Bring in a few aprons or giant tee shirts for lunch time. Murphy’s Law dictates the School Picture Day will also be Sloppy Joes day. Messes are expected, and kids WILL melt down. An apron or giant tee shirt worn as a smock can prevent heartache.

4) Keep a supply of cheap combs. The really cheap disposable kind. You can fix all sorts of flaws before picture time.

5) Bring a hand mirror to the picture zone. My students like being able to check their looks and make last-minute adjustments. The mirror helped calm jitters and made the kids feel loved. No one else ever thought to bring one.

6) Play stylist during picture time. I have caught and fixed all sorts of little things: hair sticking straight out, carefully curled hair with one piece gone askew at the last second, wardrobe malfunctions. Parents have called to thank me.

7) Have the kids SIT DOWN in a line after their picture is taken. The kids will behave much better if they are sitting down. It’s just harder to get in trouble.

Happy school picture day!

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