Quick and Easy Classroom Art Gallery

Many teachers have their students do art projects or academic projects with an artistic component. Too often, it seems like only the artist and teacher see each piece. Here is an easy way to fix that:

As your students finish their projects, have them affix them to the classroom whiteboard, either with tape or a magnet. This serves several functions:

It gives slowpokes or off-task students a visual cue that others are finishing.

The students know that others see and appreciate their art.

The students see examples that might influence their work.

The shared exhibit space helps build community—the students can chit-chat and exchange compliments while they display their work, and consolidating the art in  symbolizes community.

If this is a project you didn’t intend to grade (which is likely), then you don’t have to go through the fuss of collecting work, holding it a few days while you “process” it, and returning the work. Just peruse the art, clipboard in hand, and make a few notes, grades or check marks.

If you want a longer-lasting exhibition, have students display their work on a bulletin board or taped to the classroom door.

If you are short on space, students can simply display their artwork on their desks and the class can have a gallery walk. With this method, you lose the benefit of consolidating the art and providing a visual cue that it’s time to wrap up the project.  However, it’s certainly better than nothing. At least the kids know their art was seen and appreciated.

I hope this tip adds to your class’s pleasure in creating works of art.

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Posted in Classroom Management,Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ Aug 31, 2012


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