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Make your next computer-lab session a extravaganza with these fun games from the philanthropically inclined quiz site. began as a fun way to while away your work day while “earning” rice to be given by the United Nations World Food Programme.  The original quiz was a multiple-choice vocabulary challenge.

Now is an online bonanza of high-quality quizzes.  My students just love it!  Although all the quizzes are educational when taken by a student at the appropriate level, some become guessing-games for elementary students.  (I’m looking at you, Chemistry Symbols Full List!)

Here are my recommendations for elementary students’ use of

English Vocabulary: it’s leveled, so kids will likely spend a long time working on words that are appropriate for them.  If you get kids to really slow down and take this seriously, they can build not only their vocabulary, but their test-taking skills.

English Grammar: standardized tests abound with questions that look a lot like those on English Grammar.  Finding worksheets for practice can be difficult.  Thank goodness for

Multiplication Table: you can never have too many programs for practicing multiplication.  (In the computer lab: you can easily look around the computer lab and see that everyone is indeed on and not Poptropica.)

Basic Math (Pre-Algebra) is PERFECT for elementary school.  Don’t let the Pre-Algebra name fool you; this quiz starts at a level much easier than that mainstay of junior high curriculum.  Depending on your kids’ ability to answer the questions, they will remain at basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division until they show ability to handle simple order of operations questions.

Identify Countries on the Map and World Landmarks are outside your kids’ comfort zone, and definitely outside what most elementary schools teach.  However, FreeRice’s pattern of repeating incorrectly answered questions will help students learn the locations of these landmarks.  Best for 4th grade and up, when kids really begin to learn history.

My personal favorite: Famous Paintings!  This is outside of your kids’ knowledge, but will be fun for them anyway.  For you, it’s a good way to brush up on your ability to identify paintings by the masters.

Have fun at!

UPDATE: Comment by Team Freerice — June 27, 2012:
We’re so pleased to have Freerice as a Classroom Antic! Thank you for helping us to raise rice by raising awareness.

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  1. We’re so pleased to have Freerice as a Classroom Antic! Thank you for helping us to raise rice by raising awareness.

    Comment by Team Freerice — June 27, 2012 @ 5:19 AM

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