FREE online resources to practice telling time and reading a clock

Reading a clock and telling time are difficult skills for many students.  Online games and resources make practice fun.

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Online manipulative clock: Here is an online clock that you can manipulate to show your students how a clock works.  Ask them to pay particular attention to how the moving minute hand advances the hour hand.  Students don’t understand that at 6:30, the little hand is halfway to the 7 and that by 6:50, it’s almost at the 7.

My favorite clock game: This one has no bells and whistles, just a good solid multiple choice clock game.  I like it because you can work up by level: first telling time by the hour, then half hour, then quarter hour, then five minute increments.

Clock shoot: the most fun telling time game!  It has 3 levels and the students love it!

Elapsed Time Games

Best for teaching: an elapsed-time game that is almost like having a manipulative clock and a tutor.  The game shows one analog clock and instructs the student to do tasks like “show what time it will be in 20 minutes by moving the hand on the second clock.”

Elapsed time matching game:  Match something like “5:00 am to 2:00 pm” with “9 hours 0 minutes”
Challenge!  Elapsed-time online quiz
Another fun elapsed time online quiz

Good luck!  I hope you and your kids have a great time!

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