FREE Online Resources to Practice Rounding Numbers

Rounding numbers is a tricky task for most students.  Here are some computer games that liven up practice of this essential skill during the summer months.

First, make sure your child has a good sense of place value.  Many students who struggle with rounding also struggle with place value.  They won’t get better at rounding until they know it.

Here are three ClassAntics posts to help you teach place value:
Beat Summer Math Slide: Place Value
Place Value & Addition: Adding 10, 100, 1000
The Comma Method for Reading Large Numbers

Next, have your child practice rounding to the nearest ten.  Students will make quick progress at this, especially if you show them the Rounding Hill diagram.  Encourage your child, but don’t’ get too excited—because troubled times are likely on the way!

Round to the nearest 10:
Basic but effective rounding game  (Scroll down for the game.)
Seashell Rounding

Now students can round to the nearest 10, 100, etc. in larger numbers.  This is where it gets difficult, because kids who could round 28 to the nearest ten have trouble rounding 128 to the nearest ten.  They need lots of practice and a good sense of place value.

 Round to 10s, 100s, etc. in larger numbers:
Many rounding games in one place: (Follow the link, then scroll down for the games.)
Rounding flashcards

Another basic but effective rounding numbers game

Finally, practice with rounding to the value of the underlined digit.  That’s the format most often used on standardized test, and this game will help students practice:

Round to the value of the underlined digit

 Happy rounding!

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