The Gingerbread Girl

The Gingerbread Girlby Lisa Campbell Ernst
AR Reading Level 4.4; 0.5 points
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Summary: The gingerbread girl was made by the little old woman and man, who were feeling lonely.  The girl runs off, just like her older brother, gathering a crowd behind her.   When she comes to the river, she outsmarts the fox, using a piece of her licorice hair to tie his snout shut so he won’t eat her.  She brings the whole crowd to the little old couple to keep them company.

Activities:  Any age would enjoy this as a Read-Aloud, but primary students benefit most from the rhyme, repetition, and structure.  I would use it for prediction on the first reading.  I might give the kids a paper with the Gingerbread Girl’s rhyme, and let them practice it for fluency.  If the kids notice the feminist angle, well, that’s good for them to see!

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