Online Resources to Teach Money Math

Teachers know it: money math is difficult for many students.  This has been true a long time—after all, money math relies on decimals, fractions, and a firm grasp of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I think today’s kids have an even harder time with it because so many transactions now are done with credit or debit cards, so there are fewer opportunities to touch and count money.

Here are some online games to help your students with money math.

Counting coins

This game is perfect for figuring out which coins you need to make a certain amount. I wish I’d found it during our money unit this year. The kids would have loved it!

The next level up is to look at a group of coins and figure out how much money it is. One of my students had trouble with that skill, and this game might help.

Making Change

I think making change is the ultimate money-unit challenge for students.  Kids can get through a standardized test by just subtracting, but they are so proud when they master the skill of making change by counting up.

This making change game lets you click on pictures of coins to make change. It’s fun!

This one is also good. It has more of a fun, cartoon kind of look. Unfortunately, that also makes the coins a little harder to recognize.

Here’s another making change game.

Money Math Seatwork is my favorite site for money math worksheets.

Dad’s Worksheets has a nice section on Money Word Problems.

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