Cyril the Mandrill

by Francesca Greco
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bookSummary: Cyril the Mandrill is the newest creature at the zoo.  The other animals don’t like him because he’s new and different.  Zoogoers love him, which makes the other animals jealous.  Then, in winter, the monkeys have to stay indoors for months.  Their world is grey, but Cyril brings the outside world’s color to them with eloquent phrases to match the colors on his nose.  That spring, the animals vow to be Cyril’s friend, never forgetting how he got them through that grey winter.

Activities: This is a good Read-Aloud for 1-6, and a good independent reader for grades 1-3.  The message of acceptance is a good lesson, and the kids will like comparing Cyril to Raffiki in The Lion King.  I would use this book for prediction and character development discussions, as well as character discussions about celebrating differences.

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