Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook

Book Coverby Michael Garland
AR Reading Level 3.8; 0.5 points
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Summary:  Miss Smith is a kooky, punk teacher (she has a button for The Clash on her jacket.)  She has a magic storybook that brings characters and settings to life while the rapt students listen.  One day, Miss Smith is absent, so the principal becomes the substitute teacher.  He begins to read from the book, and characters fill the room.  He panics and runs out to fetch help.  The kids take turns reading from the book, until the room is full of characters.  Miss Smith comes in and saves the day by finishing each story so the characters can go back to the book.

Activities:  As a teacher, I would use the book as a Read Aloud for any age.  I would tie writing and art assignments in,  letting the students create their own stories and illustrations from Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook.  This would coordinate nicely with Read and Rise as a pro-reading, platform-to-adventure type book.  It would be good to use at the beginning of the school year.

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