Cold Kids Can’t Think

Many elementary classrooms can become cold on any given day, even when it’s hot outside.  Sometimes air-conditioning gets chilly.  Floors can be cold.  How can kids focus on grammar when they’re shivering?

In my classroom, I have a bin stocked with a dozen frequently laundered sweatshirts.  The kids love feeling cared-for, not to mention warm, when they wear the class sweatshirts.  The kids love to cuddle up with the sweatshirts on a reading day, when the whole school is assigned an afternoon dedicated to reading books.

Our sweatshirt collection builds community.  My students always tell the new kids about our sweatshirts right away.

In the classroom, kids don’t care about whether the sweatshirts fit. They love to curl up their knees under big sweatshirts.  I stocked my bin with sweatshirts from home.  I don’t stock sweatshirts with logos or images that could be offensive.

Build your own sweatshirt bin: Request donations from families or buy a few gently worn sweatshirts from from a thrift store or garage sale.  Another source of sweatshirts is the school’s lost-and-found pile—minutes before the remainders are packed up for donation.  (Don’t raid the lost-and-found pile without permission!)

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Posted in Classroom Management,Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ Oct 15, 2009


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