The Emergency Party Supply

Party!My class is famous for our parties.  We love to celebrate our accomplishments!

Sometimes, we all agree an accomplishment must be celebrated right away.  The Emergency Party Supply idea began when I realized that our classroom parties attracted donations from parents in excess of what we could use in one day.  I saved the non-perishables for another day.  My students coined the phrase “Emergency Party” and an institution was born.

The Emergency Party Supply grows throughout the school year.  When we are ready to celebrate a big accomplishment, like everyone learning their math facts or the class winning the district writing contest, we are ready.  Some of our parties may last only ten minutes, but the impact of a celebration lasts a long time.

The Emergency Party Supply can also be helpful on days when everybody is hungry.  I offer snacks on standardized testing days.   I also offer snacks before a field trip — lunch time often gets delayed on those days.  Another “hungry day” is the first day back in school after a long break.  When the kids are accustomed to a different schedule, they can get very hungry before lunchtime.  The kids appreciate a snack so they can continue learning.

The Emergency Party Supply is a good source of small celebrations during the last few days of the school year.  I do not save Emergency Party Supply food from one school year to the next and I never give expired foods to my students.

Parents, ask whether donations of nonperishable snacks for the whole class are welcomed.

Special considerations: Some schools may have restrictions on bringing food items into a classroom.   There may be food allergies in the class.  Check the “sell by” or “use by” date of any food you might donate.  Check with the teacher to see if perishables can be safely stored during the day.

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