The No-Name Form

No-Name papers are a real pain.  Different teachers have different ways of dealing with them.

Some teachers automatically hand No-Name papers back, often in the form of a “No-Name Box” that students are supposed to check if their work wasn’t graded.  I recommend against this because savvy but lazy students like to fish through the No-Name papers and turn them in as their own work.  Plus, often the teacher actually does know who created the paper, so the exercise just draws out the processing time for the paper and creates extra work for the teacher.

I created the No-Name Form as my answer to No-Names.  I can almost always identify No-Name papers because my student number* system is so good.  My kids turn in their work to numbered boxes, so I always have everything in order, nice and easy to input in the grade book.   If I have a No-Name between papers 18 and 20, I can bet it belongs to student 19.  I just write the student’s name on the paper, stick a No-Name Form on his desk, and make a note so I remember to collect the No-Name form.

You can print my No-Name form, which has students practice writing their name and number correctly.  Just assign these for every No-Name paper.  I find that this fixes mild cases of the No Names and might eventually reform No-Name kids.

The big surprise was that students found the No-Name paper to be fun!  It’s supposed to be a reminder, but the kids just love it.  They do No-Name forms just for fun.  Sometimes they create cool zigzag patterns on the form by indenting their name a little more on each successive line.

Another surprise was that some kids offer to help a student who is way behind on his No-Name Forms.  If the kids are smart enough and generous enough to think of this, I allow it to happen (with my knowledge and consent.)  I think it’s community building.  My parents taught me that in the Air Force, this type of helping-with-the-punishment was one of the highest levels of teamwork.  I always tell the No-Name offender to make sure and do something nice for the helper.

If you decide to use the No-Name form, print it on scratch paper if you can.  No need to use good paper on such a mundane task!

*I assign student numbers the first day of school and teach my class the “Name and Number Song.”

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