Cheap “whiteboards” for no-budget classrooms

Student dry-erase whiteboards are a wonderful learning tool.  They save paper and make learning interactive.  With students using whiteboards, I can assign a problem, have students try it, then I can quickly assess who needs more help.

Some schools ask parents to buy the whiteboards as part of school supplies, but then classrooms end up with a mishmash of varying styles.  There are always kids who do not have whiteboards.  Sometimes the whiteboards don’t erase completely.  It seems like when one dry erase marker runs out of ink, the whole supply of markers dries up.

I recently found a cheap alternative when I realized how easy it is to write on page protectors with dry erase markers.  Page protectors erase perfectly!  Now, I put worksheets in page protectors.  Many students can take turn practicing skills on that worksheet, using only one sheet of paper in the process.

Why not put a plain white card stock in the page protector?  It will provide a plain white surface that kids can use just like a white board.  Even a piece of plain white paper works for this purpose.

Comment: White board markers can be expensive.  Sometimes you can find terrific bargains at the beginning of the school year.  One year I found a four-pack of markers for a dollar.   This was great because the markers often cost a dollar each.

Suggestion: Parents, whiteboard barkers are a wonderful present for teachers.  Clean unwearable white socks make great erasers — send them in for the class!

Posted in Classroom Management,Classroom setup,Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ Nov 2, 2009


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  1. I use page protectors with my students as well. Page protectors make it easy to store these “white boards,” and students marvel at their size. They are also a great tool for fluency scoring sheets. One word of caution – not all page protectors work. Thick plastic ones seem to be more difficult to erase. I threw out my old page protector package and bought a new set only to be disapointed. Any brand/style suggestions?

    Comment by Sienna Woolley — March 12, 2010 @ 9:39 AM

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