Dolores Meets Her Match

Book ReviewBy Barbara Samuels
AR Reading Level 2.9; 0.5 points
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Summary: Dolores is a cat lover and recognized by her classmates as an expert.  Then Hillary comes to class.  With her Siamese cat and awesome cat projects, she steals all Dolores’s thunder.  Dolores tries to make her cat cool, and her sister tells her “Let Duncan be Duncan.”  Eventually, Duncan saves the day when Hillary’s cat gets stuck in a King Tut cat maze.

Activities: This book is a good Read-Aloud for grades K-1 and an independent read for grades 2-4.  The messages of self acceptance and realizing a rival can be a friend are valuable.  The book is excellent for predicting: the resolution makes sense, but it isn’t obvious and kids will keep guessing until the end.

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Posted in Book Reviews by Corey Green @ Oct 28, 2009


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