Check the Lost-and-Found before each school vacation

Lost-and-FoundThe school lost-and-found usually holds an amazing collection of sweatshirts, jackets, note books, toys, jewelry, homework, water bottles, lunchboxes… the list goes on.

Chances are, something you purchased for your child resides in the lost-and-found.

In general, elementary schools clear out the lost-and-found before each major vacation.  Most  start by laying everything out on a large area.  The classes troop by,  inspect the goods,  and claim what is theirs.   Students are warned over and over that anything left over will be donated to charity.

There is usually a great deal left over to be bagged and donated to charity.

If your child is missing something, find it before the next school break.   Start by asking your child to check the lost-and-found.   Your child probably won’t find the lost item.   Don’t give up.

Kids lack the patience to sort through the lost-and-found.   I remember spending half an hour digging through the lost-and-found and finally emerging with my little brother’s warm jacket.   My brother stood beside me and complained the whole time.  Then and there, I knew that no child would ever spend that kind of time searching—even for a treasured possession.  Through the years, my students have confirmed my theory.   My students usually spend about ten seconds looking in the lost-and-found and never find anything of their own.

Parents, if you are serious about finding something in the lost-and-found, you will probably have to search for it yourself.   Turnabout is fair play:  consider assigning your child a chore or writing task that takes the same amount of time you spent searching through the lost-and-found.

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