Figurative Language with Taylor Swift: Hey Stephen

This is Part 3 of a series about Fun with Literacy: Taylor Swift lyrics

My students memorize dozens of reading vocabulary terms and then use this knowledge to analyze what they read. When I teach figurative language and literary techniques, I find it’s important to give students pop culture examples so they don’t think that good writing is limited to that which was written hundreds of years ago.

There’s a reason Taylor Swift is a star—the girl writes catchy songs that elicit emotional response. My students and I have enjoyed analyzing how she does it.

“Hey, Stephen” is probably my favorite Taylor Swift song. As we analyzed it, I saw why. It captures a moment very well (Taylor’s crush on a boy named Stephen), telling details elicit emotional response and make it easy to identify, and the liberal use of internal rhyme keeps the song swaying along.

I hope you enjoy my literary analysis of the song “Hey, Stephen” by Taylor Swift from her album Fearless as much as I’ve enjoyed this incredibly catchy song.

For Taylor’s story behind the song, click here

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