Figurative Language with Taylor Swift: You Belong with Me

This is Part 1 of a series about Fun with Literacy: Taylor Swift lyrics

I teach my students dozens of reading vocabulary terms, and I’m always looking for examples of the concepts in our everyday lives. You should have seen the looks on my students’ faces when they saw “Figurative Language with Taylor Swift” on our daily schedule! I felt bad when I realized that they thought T-Swizzle would really stop by later in the day. Still, the class rallied from their disappointment and found many examples of figurative language and literary techniques in this song.

I first got into Taylor Swift songs after judging talent show auditions a few years back. I heard each of her songs many times over. I was impressed with the lyrics. The girl knows how to tell a story, using clever rhymes, similes and alliteration to enhance the effect. There’s a reason she’s a star.

Here is my literary analysis of the song “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift from her album Fearless. It’s very good for teaching students how to recognize literary techniques in popular entertainment.

–For Taylor’s story-behind-the-song, click here

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