The last five minutes of the school year

This is a quick tip for a meaningful (and realistic) idea of how to organize the last five minutes of the school year. We gather our supplies and are ready to leave before we start this procedure.

I gather my class for a fun reminiscing session about favorites from the year. Depending on the age and attention span of your students, you can have individuals share memories, or you can just shout out fun memories and let the kids cheer and talk amongst themselves. I choose the latter method because I know that as a child, I could never have sat through a pensive circle time in the last five minutes of the school day.

My method is more like a speech at a political rally—each sentence punctuated by applause and cheers.


Well, it’s been a great year in G3!


We learned our multiplication tables!


We had two Teddy Bear Picnics!

(Applause, chatter)

We planted a garden!

(Applause, chatter)

We made a salad from our harvest!

(Applause, chatter)

We learned chess!

(Applause, chatter)

We had two chess tournaments!

(Applause, chatter)

…I keep this up until the bell rings. Then, we all huddle up and say our class cheer: Go us, G3! Then I race to the door so I can hug everyone one last time.

What are your last-five-minutes-of-school traditions?

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