Beat Summer Math Slide: Place value

If you can keep your child’s reading and math skills sharp this summer, you’ll both reap the rewards for all of next school year—and every year to come.

Place value is a biggie in math education.  All other math concepts depend on it.  Most children have a hard time with place value.  They do all right with tens and ones, but start to crumple as the numbers get bigger.  Here are some fun computer games to help your youngster sharpen those place value skills.

Toon University: Answer the place value question, then play an old-style arcade game to celebrate correct answers.  3 levels. 

Base Ten Blocks: These are familiar teaching tools to your child, if not you.  Ironically enough, it’s really important to practice with them because this teaching tool, the base ten block, is now an assessment tool.  Standardized tests ask questions about them like you’re supposed to know what they are.  I always wonder what international students think of this.  Anyway, it’s a fun game, although I turn the sound off because I find the music stressful.

Shark Pool Place Value Game: You look at the number of blocks, then select the written number that matches.  If you guess incorrectly, a shark takes a bite out of your surfboard.  This game uses regular blocks, not place value blocks.  Your child will become more adept at quickly subtracting from 10—you see a line of 10 blocks and a line next to it with 2 fewer blocks—that’s 18.

Lots of cool games in one place: These are nice because a variety of numbers are represented.  Your child can practice with tens and ones or hundred thousands, depending on the game.  My class loves this site.

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