Ask Random Third Grader

I like to make up silly game-show activity titles for mundane class activities.  “Ask Random Third Grader” is a fun way to conduct a review lesson.  You will need popsicle sticks (or some other random number generator) and a group of enthusiastic students.

In essence, Random Third Grader challenges the class to answer every question on the first try, and makes all students accountable because you never know who will be chosen next.

  1.  On the board, write three categories: Random Third Grader, Class, and Teacher.
  2. Ask the question.
  3. Pull a popsicle stick and call on a random student.
  4. If the student answers correctly, give Random Third Grader a point.  If not, ask for volunteers from the rest of the class.  If no one knows, answer the question yourself and give yourself a point.

We have a class jar system where we add for compliments received, moments that went well, etc.  For every 5 points Random Third Grader earns, we give ourselves one Add to the Jar.

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Posted in Classroom Management,Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ May 25, 2011


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