Fun with Whatever

This is a quick tip, but a good one.  One day, as a joke, I sarcastically used the term “Fun with Long Division” to describe the rather dry lesson we were about to do for the next hour.  Once I started, I couldn’t stop.  Now, my students and I refer to many lessons as “Fun with [whatever.]”  The more mundane the lesson, the more fun the title.  “Fun with Apostrophes” was a real winner.

The weird thing is that this really does make the lesson more fun.  There are several reasons:

  1.  We work a little harder to make the lesson live up to its ambitious yet ironic title.
  2. Seeing the word “fun” on the board tricks our subconscious minds into having just a little fun.
  3. Misery loves company, and if we all acknowledge that apostrophes aren’t the most exciting thing EVER! then we bond as we help each other make it through the lesson.
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Posted in Classroom Management,Tips for Teachers by Corey Green @ May 18, 2011


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