FREE Software for Learning Addition

Best Addition Practice EVER!

Download this FREE software and practice your addition facts!  It’s customizable, so students can practice exactly what they need to improve.   It seems that we don’t teach our children to memorize like we did even a few years ago.  I had to memorize addition facts, as did my younger sister and brother.  Parents, too, but that was back in the Dark Ages! None of us were encouraged to use our fingers for adding. In fact, my parents developed novel ways for practicing addition skills. Their efforts led to the free software Abligio Books offers for teaching addition.

A child who memorizes facts makes neural connections in their brain.  Subsequent memorization tasks become easier as that file cabinet in the brain fills with knowledge.  Each success builds self-confidence and readiness for new challenges.

A student who masters both addition and multiplication will be ready to ace all of elementary school math. Memorizing should not be a dirty word in today’s educational environment — it’s the key to helping a child succeed in many future endeavors.

Addition ROCKS!

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