Teaching Multiplication Tables with Songs

bookBest Multiplication Songs EVER! can help children learn multiplication facts, but the songs are not a substitute for active teaching.  It’s best to combine multiplication songs with traditional teaching and learning methods. Suggestions include:

> Start with the easiest times tables first 
> Use visual aids
> Count on fingers
> Highlight the rhythm
> Make multiplication songs part of other routines

In my classroom, we sing songs during transitions: while lining up for lunch (and getting our hands clean with our squirt procedure).  We sing when we take out materials for our math lessons.  We sing when one of the students makes a connection to using a multiplication fact in everyday life.  I have heard my students singing in the bathroom, too!

I suggest using the songs in conjunction with other multiplication learning resources, such as Best Times Table Practice EVER!   This program lets students customize their practice.  Students can practice exactly what they need: just the twos, just the tens, only Level Three—you name it!  This program is great for memorizing basic facts.  For example, students can begin to memorize the sevens times table by practicing only seven times zero, one, ten and eleven—then add extra facts until they know them all.  Download this FREE software and practice any times table, anytime! 

Here are more tips about teaching times tables with songs.

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Posted in Academics by Corey Green @ Mar 18, 2011


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